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Some people just don’t like Walmart. But, LOTS of people obviously DO like Walmart. In fact, in less than 50 years Walmart has become the largest corporation in the world. asda walmart one

Walmart is the world’s largest corporation for one reason, value. Sam Walton’s little business became a BIG business because their prices were just a shade lower than their competition’s. As a result, the average American family shops at Walmart EVERY week for the typical stuff you could buy at any grocery store or hardware store or clothing store. Granted, no one goes to Walmart for specialty items or designer clothing.

While the typical prejudice is that Walmart serves only low-income families, actual research shows that the retailer has a growing high-income clientele that shops there for their store brand items for even greater savings. In other words, intelligent, informed consumers shop there to save money on items they purchase on a routine basis where name brands are not necessary and the saving sis appreciated.

Which brings me The Membership Practice, a concept in chiropractic that provides individuals and families with access to chiropractic care at affordable fees without the need for insurance. In fact The Membership Practice model offers unlimited chiropractic care at a low monthly fee deducted from your credit/debit card. The business model is based on long-term maintenance and wellness care. The assumption is that the average user of wellness-based chiropractic care will get checked an average of once a week.

While some practitioners complain that the fees are too low and cheapen the profession’s image. My response is “baloney!”. The concept actually enables chiropractors to help more people get the regular care that helps families stay healthy and out of the doctor’s office. Fewer trips to the doctor’s office means money saved that can go to other needs the family may have like vacation, retirement, braces, etc. Just like Walmart’s new slogan ““Saving people money so they can live better lives”, The Membership Practice aims to lower the barriers to families having affordable access to routine chiropractic care anywhere in the United States.

Heck, I can even see The Membership Practice in all 6000 or so Walmart stores across America! What a great deal for Walmart, chiropractors and the public. Imagine getting the family adjusted once a week when they go to Walmart or 500-1000 new customers going shopping at Walmart when they go for their weekly adjustments. Imagine 12-15,000 fully employed chiropractors earning a god living as they adjust hundreds or thousands of folks each week. And, imagine the money and lives saved because of the number of Americans taking fewer drugs and making fewer visits to the doctor’s office because of their new-found health.