Purchasing Real Estate In Costa Rica

To say that the real estate in Costa Rica is booming is an understatement in a country where land value appreciation is increasing an average of over 10 percent each year. If you are interested in finding a great investment in real estate then you should seriously consider finding it in beautiful Costa Rica. glenn delve

There are many different types of real estate in Costa Rica. First, there is what they agents call top exclusive properties. These listings are carefully selected over a wide variety of available property database. Usually, they are the most unique, lavish and hard to find properties in the country. The prices of these high demand properties are comparable those in the United States, These high value assets are most generally associated with beach or coastal properties..

Another real estate opportunity in Costa Rica comes in the form of luxury rentals. These are high-level residential communities which are equipped with security and classy amenities, all inside the gated communities. They can either choose from city, beach, marina or golf type developments. Golf residences are actually one of the most desirable lifestyle properties in the country. If there is a specific lifestyle that you are inclined into, then make sure that you advise your requirements to your agent.

Since beaches or ‘playas’, as what they are called in Spanish, are one of the main pride of country, they are also the location most in demand by buyers. Beach front properties are exclusive properties assessed to be ideal for house construction or probably commercial development. You can either choose from Pacific or Caribbean options.

If you love the beach but are looking for a more budget friendly type of real estate in Costa Rica, then there are ocean view properties which will allow you to gaze into the clear blue waters of the Central Pacific (eg. Osa Peninsula and Dominical), Pacific coast (Guanacaste, Papagayo, Tamarindo) and Mid Pacific waters (Los SueƱos , Jaco, and Faro Escondido).

A private citizen can do research on most of the prime real estate in Costa Rica. A computer data bas called the Folio Real lists the property details and descriptions. Access comes from governments Public Registry located in the capital of San Jose. If you are serious about making an investment into a piece of property it would be very wise to spend time searching in the Folio Real.

One important thing to consider when you are planning to buy a land in Costa Rica. You should inquire with the developer or property agent whether they are offering ownership rights (or what they call ‘derecho de propiedad’) or only occupation rights/’derechos de ocupacion’. Obviously the former is a more secure form of real estate investment.

Acquiring real estate, your dream house or property in Costa Rica may be a great idea. However you should do a good of researching the property well before making an offer to purchase. If is critical to find a trust worthy and qualified real estate agent to provide the needed assistance.