Explore Africa – Choose The Best Safari To Suit You

Times have changed since the first African safari, which was probably something close to beating a path through wild African bush. Now African safaris have developed to suit individual tastes and holiday requirements. Find the perfect safari to fit your style and to meet your budget. This article is a brief summary of some popular safaris available.

A walking safari is undoubtedly the best safari made available to hatta mountain tour Being on foot allows the hiker to get up close and experience the African wilderness. However, when choosing a walking safari, be sure to book with a reputable safari company offering the services of professional and experienced safari guides, as safety is vital when on foot. There are a number of types of walking safaris – ranging from small trails to large-scale backpacking expeditions. Walking safaris can include luxury lodges, camp huts or tented accommodation.

Mobile safaris use off-road vehicles, which means that larger distances are covered in a shorter time. This type of safari is popular, as most people have only a limited time when on holiday, and mobile safaris provide greater opportunities to see wild animals in their natural habitat. Most game parks in Africa offer 4×4 safaris, and visitors can choose between day safaris and night rides. Mobile safaris are the most versatile safari made available, allowing travelers to choose from a range of accommodation.

Overland expedition safaris are different to mobile safaris. Overland trucks carry tourists over large distances in Africa and can be short trips (2 days) or over a period of a number of weeks. When choosing an overland expedition holiday, take some time to investigate and book with a reputable and experienced overland company.

Canoe safaris are also a popular means of seeing Africa up close. Professional guided tours and qualified instructors take tourists on river trips. Tourists can combine walking safaris with canoe safaris, and accommodation is usually tented camps. Canoe safaris offer visitors the opportunity to view wild animals as they come to drink or attempt a crossing.

Another popular safari is the “wing safari”, which is a small, light aircraft trip. Travellers fly from one game park to the next, saving time and using the opportunity to see the African wilderness from above. Large attractions such as Victoria Falls, the Zambezi River and the Ngorongoro Crater are impressive sights.

Lastly, travelers can book self-drive safaris, which are available to visitors at most game parks, such as the popular Kruger National Park in South Africa. Self-drive safaris offer flexibility and freedom. These safaris are great for families, allowing for young children to also experience Africa.