5 Tips on Making Your Food Shopping List a Healthy Grocery List

The main problem faced by large number of families is their budget being stretched all the time by increase in council rates, fuel, electricity, mortgage repayments and most importantly the food.Most of the stay at home mums take help from supermarket coupons or grocery coupon websites but below are some tips to turn your normal food shopping list into a healthy grocery list. 먹튀검증

1. Do make a list – Whether you believe it or not it helps you to stick to your budget, reduce annoying mid-week trips and also cuts down on impulsive buys. Make it a habit and you’ll be amazed by the results.

2. Shop Clockwise – A US research found that shoppers who shop in an anticlockwise direction will spend on average, $2 more per trip than clockwise shoppers. So, next time you go shopping remember to travel clockwise.

3. Go with the season – Buy in-season fruit and vegetables. If there’s more demand so will be the supply and the price will be lower. The taste will be better, too.

4. Unit Pricing matters– Look for the unit-pricing information. It’s there on the shelf. It reveals which size within a product line is cheapest and how good the “special” is.

5. I’m on sale, buy me now – Buy toilet paper when it’s on sale. The reason is that packets of toilet papers don’t go off.

P.S. Besides the tips mentioned above the value of supermarket coupons cannot be ignored as they save you a bit of money while shopping. Below are some coupons worth more than USD 2000 to use on various stores.